Charlys Hugo Dutra Monteiro

H2a H2b drive, landscape.

About Candidate

My farming experience: My family had a place that was used in a traditional way, for the commercial cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees, grains, legumes, among other family farming products. I grew up and had the pleasure of helping with cultivation when I was young, me and my son do the gardening at my house.



High school 2000
Vale do Guaporé

Work & Experience


CNH D – Driver´s licence do Brazil,qualified in category D of the CNH are allowed to drive motor and electric vehicles
studying Heavy Machines Backhoe, Hydraulic Excavator, Pa Loader, Fork-lift, Farm tractor.
Date Available For Work from. ASAP
Minimal English and a huge will
Why should I be hired ? I am calm, clear, objective and I always try to be learning new things, trying to solve small problems that arise. If I don't know the answer, I go after the solution and if it gets difficult, I ask for help, because the important thing is teamwork and that way everyone wins. I believe in this project and I want to contribute, for the future, to remember the good friendships I will make on the farm in the United States of America, thanks for listening to me and see you soon.