Kadean Watson

Housekeeping / Customer Service
July 24, 1986

About Candidate

As a seasoned hospitality professional with an impressive nine-year track record, I excel in delivering exceptional customer service and managing all aspects of housekeeping to ensure a flawless guest experience.

As a dedicated housekeeping professional, I take care of every aspect, from cleaning guest rooms to promptly attending to their needs.

As the lead customer service representative, I thrive on turning guest complaints into positive experiences.

I’m highly motivated, detail-oriented, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure guests’ satisfaction.

Working seamlessly with my team under pressure is second nature to me. I am highly motivated great attention to detail I am reliable honest and strive to serve effortlessly.



Associate Degree in Tourism Management Completed 2012
University of West Indies JA

Tourism Management is a field that involves planning, organizing, and coordinating various aspects of the travel and tourism industry. It encompasses managing travel-related businesses, attractions, and destinations to provide enjoyable and memorable experiences for tourists and travelers. Here is a description of Tourism Management: Tourism Management involves overseeing and directing the operations of hotels, resorts, travel agencies, tour operators, and other tourism-related businesses. Professionals in this field work to enhance the overall travel experience by ensuring efficient and high-quality services. Key Responsibilities: Destination Marketing: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote destinations, attractions, and tourism services to attract tourists and increase visitor numbers. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to tourists, ensuring their needs and expectations are met during their travel experience. Address any inquiries, complaints, or concerns to enhance customer satisfaction.

Diploma with Credit in Humanities Completed completed in 2007
Excelsior Community College

Humanities is an academic discipline that encompasses the study of human culture, history, literature, philosophy, languages, and the arts. It focuses on understanding the complexities of human existence, values, beliefs, and expressions throughout various periods and societies. Here is a description of Humanities: Humanities is a diverse and interdisciplinary field that delves into the human experience, exploring the rich tapestry of human thought, creativity, and expression across time and cultures. It seeks to answer fundamental questions about human identity, values, and the intricacies of human societies.

Hospitality Management Studies - Hotel Operations 2023
Alison Online Certificate

Hotel Operations involve the comprehensive management of a hotel, encompassing all aspects of guest services, facilities, and staff coordination. The primary goal is to deliver exceptional guest experiences while maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity. Key Responsibilities: Guest Services: Ensuring guests receive outstanding service from check-in to check-out. This includes managing reservations, addressing guest inquiries and concerns, and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Front Desk Operations: Overseeing the front desk staff responsible for guest registration, room assignments, and providing information about hotel amenities and local attractions. Housekeeping: Managing the housekeeping team to ensure that guest rooms and public areas are clean, well-maintained, and meet hygiene standards. Food and Beverage: Supervising restaurant and banquet operations, ensuring the delivery of quality meals, beverages, and catering services to guests.

Work & Experience

Housekeeper /Supervisor 2019 - current
House of Maid Cleaning Service, Kingston Jamaica

Manage, direct and mentor a team of 10+ workers to meet deadline and exceed clients' expectations. Commercial and Residential cleaning. Cleaned a total of 7 houses & 7 Commercial building per day. Got referrals and 100% request back based on Inspected room to ensure that they met with the clients expectations. the outstanding services provided.

2017 - 2019
Royal Decameron Hotel

Perform cleaning assignments and services in hotel rooms, hallways and common areas. Maintain 144+ clean and comfortable guest rooms by performing cleaning duties to a high standard. Report any damage, maintenance problems, safety issues, and potential hazards to management and maintenance, ensuring100% adherence to safety code procedures. Provided exceptional customer service was commended on my punctuality, honesty and professionalism.



Customer Service
Attention to detail.
Time Management
Knowledge of Cleaning
Physical Stamina
Problem Solving
Effective Communication:
Empathy and Patience


Best Customer Service Experience 2017
Awarded for resolving and exceeding guest experience